The Birth of Steel City Midwives

In 2009 Natalie & Tom were happily expecting their first child and looking for a childbirth class to take. Natalie knew she wanted a class that would help her to have an un-medicated birth and Karen just happened to be teaching at Natalie's midwife's office. A strong friendship blossomed between the two over the next five years that saw them through each of their careers in primal health.


The decision to serve the Pittsburgh Area as a homebirth midwife came to Natalie first. However,

within six months it was obvious to Karen that her work in the region was also moving in this direction. So, Natalie & Tom, and Karen & Dan all met for a historic dinner at Karen's house to discuss the dream of Steel City Midwives.

The next three years of apprenticeship consisted of busy clinical days, workshops, a crash course in Amish culture, 3-hour drives in the snow, family sacrifices, 4am birth calls, and even an ankle surgery.


Through it all, Karen and Natalie have stayed fast friends dedicated to the goal of birthing a midwifery practice that serves the expectant families of their home town.

Now Steel City Midwives is excited to be welcoming Delmar into their family. For several years, Delmar, Natalie, and Karen have worked together at a distance on advocacy to expand perinatal care to at risk groups. Delmar has also been essential in helping to establish The Pittsburgh Birth Project. As the Covid-19 pandemic  began to take hold, Delmar decided it was time to make their work with SCM official and move to Pittsburgh to accept a full time primary midwifery position. 

Although Karen is still very much a part of Steel City Midwives, she has taken a step back from midwifery to spend more time with her family. 




Our Philosophy of Care

At Steel City Midwives, our focus is on providing out-of-hospital midwifery options for those desiring a physiological birth experience. Midwifery is more than a job, it's a lifestyle. It colors every aspect of our lives. It's our profession, our passion, and our purpose.


Our bodies are uniquely designed to perform the art of birth and therefore, the instinctive knowledge of how to labor is inside each of us. However, our medicalized birth culture can

impact our natural instincts. We strive to facilitate an atmosphere of peace around our birthing families in which physical, emotional and spiritual desires are protected and our clients are not left vulnerable as they labor. We view pregnancy as a significant rite of passage that should be honored. It is a season of life in which every person deserves excellent care and a feeling of security. 

Attending to the primal health of a person is a sacred honor. Steel City Midwives is grateful to be invited into this time by anyone regardless of their age, race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, immigration status, socioeconomic background, marital status/single-hood, weight, sexual orientation, gender expression, politics, maternal choices, or pregnancy outcomes.


Christman Family

Karen and Natalie provided outstanding healthcare for me during my 3rd pregnancy, birth and postpartum. They showed me that healthy pregnancy goes above and beyond physiological stats and includes ensuring emotion wellbeing and providing support networks.


Their experience, training, credentials, hugs, patience, and passion all helped bring our little boy safely and gently into this world.


When deciding to choose Steel City Midwives vs. hospital birth for normal pregnancies; the engineer in me boils it down to numbers:

  (1) more face time with provider to assess and 

       address concerns

  (2) lower risk of C-section

  (3) lower costs


The mother in me cannot quantify the lasting impact that came from their love for mother and baby while under their care.