Frequently Asked Questions

Office Addresses

Steel City Midwives Home Office is located in the Eastern Suburbs of Pittsburgh between Oakmont and Monroeville:

715 Rosewood Dr.

Pittsburgh, PA 15239

*If you are using GPS, please AVOID Barnes Rd and instead take Shearer Rd.  It is a more well serviced road leading from the direction of Oakmont and both Kerr Rd and Milltown Rd.


Our Mailing Address:


162 Stanton Court East

Pittsburgh, PA 15201


Our initial Consultation is free and done in your home at 10+ weeks of pregnancy so that you will be able to hear your baby's heart tones on the hand held Doppler if you so choose.


Prenatal Schedule:

1 visit every month through 28 weeks. 

1 visit every 2 weeks from 28 to 36 weeks.

1 visit weekly from 36 weeks until the birth.


Appointment Locations:

Prenatal Appointments - Office

36 week "Birth Preparation" Appointment - Your Home

Birth - Your Home

24 Hour Postpartum - Your Home

3 Day Postpartum - Phone Call or IBCLC visit (Depending on need)

1 Week Postpartum - Your Home

2 Weeks Postpartum - Phone Call or Visit (Depending on need)

3 Weeks Postpartum - Office

6 Weeks Postpartum - Office

*If you currently have 4+ children at home, have a disability that impacts your transportation, or another unique situation that would make Office visits a hardship, please discuss the option of having all of your visits at your home with the midwives.