Frequently Asked Questions

Office Addresses

Steel City Midwives Home Office is located in the Eastern Suburbs of Pittsburgh between Oakmont and Monroeville:

715 Rosewood Dr.

Pittsburgh, PA 15239

*If you are using GPS, please AVOID Barnes Rd and instead take Shearer Rd.  It is a more well serviced road leading from the direction of Oakmont and both Kerr Rd and Milltown Rd.



Our initial Consultation is free and done in your home at 10+ weeks of pregnancy so that you will be able to hear your baby's heart tones on the hand held Doppler if you so choose.

*COVID protocols and Telemedicine appointments may fluctuate based on local community spread. They will be discussed during the consultation process.


Prenatal Schedule:

  • 1 appointment every month through 28 weeks. 

  • 1 appointment every 2 weeks from 28 to 36 weeks.

  • 1 appointment weekly from 36 weeks until the birth.


Appointment Locations:

Prenatal Appointments*COVID protocols and Telemedicine appointments may fluctuate based on local community spread. They will be discussed during the consultation process. Office appointments will be available when the Midwives can insure they will not become vectors to their clients/own family.

36 week "Birth Preparation" Appointment - Your Home

Birth - Your Home

24 Hour Postpartum - Your Home

3 Day Postpartum - Phone Call or IBCLC visit (Depending on need)

1 Week Postpartum - Your Home

2 Weeks Postpartum - Phone Call or Visit (Depending on need)

3 Weeks Postpartum - Telemed/Office

6 Weeks Postpartum - Telemed/Office

*If you currently have 4+ children at home, have a disability that impacts your transportation, or another unique situation that would make Office visits a hardship, please discuss the option of having all of your visits via Telemedicine or at your home with the Midwives.


Barriers to midwifery care and homebirth are a reality for many. In order to make midwifery care and homebirth more accessible and affordable to everyone who wants it, Steel City Midwives is excited to now offer long and short-term financing options! We are also in the process of working towards the creation of a nonprofit fund for qualified clients.  We hope the following options make birthing at home affordable:


  • Multiple financing plans. Some include payments with 0% interest rates and some with no credit check.


  • Payment via cash, check, and Paypal.

  • Payment via FSA and HSA. Please check with your plan to see if Midwifery Services are approved.


  • Health Insurance reimbursement instructions. We can not guarantee what your carrier will provide or make these inquires for you.

  • Global Fee comparable to many Health Insurance Deductibles and significantly less than out-of-pocket costs for like services at regional hospitals.

  • No additional "Birth Kit" fees. The bulk of your supplies can be found already in your home. Other essential items will be delivered to you at 36 weeks and are included in the cost of services.

  • Waterbirth tub and liner provided on a first-come-first-serve basis. (You will need to purchase a hose  that reaches from your water source to your desired tub location and a submersible pump for water removal. These items can not be reused by the Midwives due to OSHA compliance.)

There are no discounts for transferring late into care and no refunds for services rendered. The midwives wish they could guarantee everyone a complication free pregnancy and birth without hospital transfers, but they can not.