Delmar Bauta

Primary Midwife



After 20 years and 800 births, I've fully stepped into my role as a midwife with an open heart for safe compassionate care that supports and empowers the whole person. It was in my college library that I literally and serendipitously stumbled on the perfect combination of my passion for social justice and love for holistic health. I began attending births shortly thereafter as an interpreter for the Deaf and then as a doula, student, midwifery assistant, and now Midwife.

It was an honor to study under some of South Florida's most experienced midwives (Delmar's Biography) before joining Steel City Midwives in 2020. I was thrilled to make the move to Pittsburgh and continue collaborating with Natalie and Karen.


I am also a first generation Cuban-American who uses They/Them pronouns and is fluent in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language. When I'm not attending births, I keep busy with various projects including mentoring new doulas, and teaching on subjects including autonomy in reproductive care and queer/trans competency for healthcare providers. I enjoy all different types of crafting, going camping, reading historical fiction, and finding new adventures with my partner, Shain. Our latest adventure was our Spring 2020 wedding in the woods of Florida.

“Life is a process of becoming, a combination of

states we have to go through.” 

― Anaïs Nin