Midwifery Assistants

At Steel City Midwives, our goal is to provide Gold Standard perinatal care to all of our families. In keeping with those standards, we provide a trained midwifery professional for both Mom and Baby at every birth. In a perfect world, this would mean that both Natalie and Karen were able to attend every delivery without fail. However, sickness, family emergencies, continuing education opportunities, and other life events do happen.


In order to meet our Gold Standard expectations, Steel City Midwives has personally trained several Midwifery Assistants to come along side either Karen or Natalie at deliveries. These talented Assistants are all NRP/Neonatal Resuscitation Certified, CPR Certified, Emergency Birth Skills trained, and have years of additional birthwork experience. We are honored to have them as part of our SCM Family and would like to introduce you to each of them.

Devastasha Beaver

Hello! My name is Devastasha and I am excited to be one of Steel City Midwives' Midwifery Assistants. I am also a full spectrum trained doula, breastfeeding peer counselor, and an Evidence Based Birth professional member. I recently began bereavement training with stillbirthday and can be reached at A Safe Journey with any inquires regarding my services in Northeastern Ohio/Northwestern PA.

Lily Carter

I've always had an instinct to care for people and comfort others. My interest in human rights and background in non-profit culminated into a career as a postpartum and birth doula, and now Midwifery Assistant. I have an obvious passion for natural birth, which stemmed into seeking out training and certification in birth and bereavement services. I also am trained with IPPA as a placenta encapsulation specialist, and have experience doing birth photography! Feel free to contact me at Golden Lotus Doula Services.

Cara Dove

Hello! I am the Mother of 6 and originally from Ireland. I currently serve as a doula for the Wheeling, WV area, as a Midwifery Assistant for Steel City Midwives, and am working towards becoming a Physician Assistant. Having birthed in both Ireland and the United States, I have a unique perspective that I'm able to bring into my birthwork. I'm always happy to answer questions and discuss my services. So, feel free to contact me!

 Jeaonna Hodges

Jeaonna has been a leader in the Pittsburgh birth community through her as a doula, lactaction consultant work with the MAYA Organization, Healthy Start Pittsburgh. She is now the primary coordinator of the Birth Circle Doulas at UPMC Department of Family Medicine. Jeaonna transitioned to Midwifery Apprentice status with Steel City Midwives in 2019 and looks forward to her future as a Traditional Midwife.

Caitlin Kish

Caitlin says there is nothing like riding the wave of emotions & helping serve families as they welcome their littles ones Earthside. Caitlin has been a doula for 3yrs with Birth Doulas of Pittsburgh & transitioned to Midwifery Apprentice status with Steel City Midwives in 2019 and is currently training in Amish Country. She is looking forward to her future as a CPM. Caitlin has 3 little girls at home and has been married to her husband, Andrew, for 5yrs.

Natalia Krichten

Serving the Greater Pittsburgh, PA region with Wholistic Full Spectrum Doula & Lactation services and placenta encapsulation. Community focused. LGBTQIA+ & Trauma informed. Contact Growing Love Birth Services

Michaela Pershe

My love for babies & supporting pregnant people is what inspired me to take the step from being a full time Nanny to a birth & postpartum doula, to now attending Nursing School. Birth is an incredibly intimate & beautiful occasion in a person’s life & it is an honor to be there to support them. Get in touch with me via my blog.