Shain Miles

Office Manager



Like my colleagues, I have been in the caretaker role for pregnant and birthing folks for quite some time. I'm excited to now be part of the Steel City Midwives Team and hope to help make this journey as supportive as possible for you.


Along with my administrative experience, I'm

excited to be utilizing my background in communications and anthropology at SCM.  Although, I have raised children, participated in a Doula capacity for friends and family members, and enjoyed coordinating the postpartum support and meal prep for families, my latest adventure hits much closer to home: Fatherhood.

Since I am an adventurer, both in practice and in theory, it was only fitting that I join my adventure buddy and spouse, Delmar in their midwifery practice. I'm especially pleased to be able to partner with them in offering my experience serving our LGBTQIA+ community and trans birthing clients.


When not chasing after children or working, you can find me looking for the next new thing to learn. Sometimes it's a recipe, sometimes it's a craft, and sometimes it's random facts that just make good conversation starters.


I'm looking forward to chatting with you soon!