Midwifery Services

Homebirth Care

Steel City Midwives is happy to offer global out-of-hospital maternity care to the greater Pittsburgh area. This full package includes: prenatal visits, a birth class (if desired), the delivery, midwifery supplies (No birth kit/tub to be purchased.) and postpartum follow-ups. Please contact the midwives to set up a free consultation in which we will discuss your health history, home location, wants/needs, and answer all of your questions about having your home birth with us.

Global Midwifery Fee: $4,200.00  

Prenatal Care

Many families want the personalized prenatal care of independent midwives, but need or desire a hospital delivery with another provider. Steel City Midwives is able to partner with your physician to coordinate prenatal care. Please contact the midwives to set up a  free consultation  where we will discuss your health history and the logistics of co-care.

Fee: $2,100.00

Preconception Care

You don't have to wait to meet with a midwife! Steel City Midwives loves to work with those considering pregnancy or trying to conceive. Preparing your body and your world for a baby can be easier with some extra care and guidance. Please contact the midwives to schedule a time to discuss this season of life.

Fee: $250.00 

(Should you become pregnant and choose to have a homebirth with SCM, this fee will be deducted from the Global Midwifery Fee.)

Personal Appointment

Pregnancy can bring up questions that you may not have realized that you would have. If you would like to schedule a time to discuss anything about your pregnancy, a previous or upcoming birth, postpartum concerns, breastfeeding, parenthood, etc..., the midwives would love to meet with you. This appointment is designed for those not currently working with Steel City Midwives or desiring full midwifery services. It is for those seeking information or wanting to process their experiences. Please contact the midwives to schedule a 1 hour session.

Fee: $250.00

Financing Your Homebirth

Barriers to midwifery care and homebirth are a reality for many. Steel City Midwives is in the process of working towards the creation of a nonprofit fund for qualified clients. In the meantime, we are happy to offer the following options to make birthing at home more accessible:


  • Payments via cash, check, Venmo, Square, and Paypal.

  • Payments via FSA and HSA. Please check with your plan to see if Midwifery Services are approved.


  • Payment plans through 36 weeks of pregnancy. We are happy to work with you.


  • Health Insurance reimbursement support. We can not guarantee what your carrier will provide.

  • Global Fee comparable to many Health Insurance Deductibles and significantly less than out-of-pocket costs for like services at regional hospitals.

  • No additional "Birth Kit" fees. 

  • Waterbirth tub provided on a first-come-first-serve basis. (hose and submersible pump needed)

If you choose to, or for health reasons must, transfer out of our care before the 36 week mark, your prenatal care will be prorated.