Tender Good-byes and a Warm Welcome at Steel City Midwives

Change is both hard and exciting. Earlier this week, Midwife Natalie announced her departure from Steel City Midwives. She said, “I will be leaving Steel City Midwives to fully focus on my role leading the board of directors in the development of the Pittsburgh Birth Project.” PBP is a new project that hopes to obtain nonprofit status and develop opportunities for safe birth options for local families. We wish Natalie all the best and echo her sentiment, “May the future be as full as my heart is.”

As Midwife Natalie departs, we are thrilled to announce that Midwife Colleen Scarlett will be joining the practice as our guest Midwife-in-Residence this winter! Colleen comes to us from South Florida and brings nearly 20 years of experience as a licensed midwife there. She is a long-time friend of and mentor to Midwife Delmar, having trained them and worked together for nearly a decade. “I’m excited for the opportunity to work with my dear friend again, knowing the richness and depth of her skills and knowledge are a blessing to our practice and our community,” said Midwife Delmar.

Midwife Colleen will begin seeing clients via Zoom for telemed prenatals in December. She’ll join us, in person, for births in January and February 2021.

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